Two Sides to Mr. Spock - Adobe Illustrator Illustration

I've been meaning to draw Spock for some time now and finally got to it. Honestly, I've not watched much Star Trek. But, what I've seen is great. I do remember my aunt having a huge crush on Spock when I was a kid. She nearly swooned when she saw him on screen.

I watched a bunch of old Star Trek clips in doing research for this illustration. Spock is much more interesting in action than in still shots, most people are. (Yes, I realize he is only half human, you know what I mean.) So, I took several screen shots of various images that I thought were interesting, showed various expressions or sides of him. Then, put two of my favorites together to use as reference for this drawing. I like the devilish evil look on the left image mixed with the sorrowful one on the right. There are a million sides to everyone. Here are two of Spock, I hope you enjoy seeing my take on him. Live long and prosper.

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