Illustration of Fox Mulder

What can I say. Fox Mulder, aka David Duchovny, rocks. That's it. So I had to draw him.

We're working out way through the series ("The X-Files") at home, we're in the middle of season 4, and it's a completely enthralling show. We often have "X-Files" mini-marathons. It's a blast.

I have been a bit slow getting this drawing done as my hands have been hurting a bit lately which sucks. What am I going to be like when I'm even older than I am now. Grrrr. Damn double damn. C'est la vie. Anyway, I like how this turned out fairly well. I debated back and forth on color in certain spots and think I'm happy with what I ended up with. I fluctuated between hardly any color and rich colors. It was so hard to choose. This drawing did show Mulder from back further than you see here but I cropped it to give a move intimate feel, which I think works. I don't know about you other X-Files fans out there, but as time goes on I feel closer and closer to the characters on the show, scary but true. Cropping this picture so Mulder feels closer, gives it that sort of feeling, like Mulder may just be a bit more real than only lights and motion on a screen.


C. Stover said...

Love the smirk! =) I like the close up, didn't notice it as much witht he whole face.

C. Stover said...

BTW, whats up with the hands? Doesn't sound good....=(

Kara Boulden said...

Yay! Thanks! Smirking is what he does best. :) W/out that he'd look more ordinary I think but that little smirk makes him look like the "Spooky Mulder" we know and love.

My hands just get feeling tired from time to time, sometimes more than others, just an over worked, achy sort of thing. It's lame!