Bite, experiments with fonts, torn paper and tape

I've been experimenting with various things on the computer lately, using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop. For starters, there and hundreds of fonts out there just waiting to be played with. This site rocks for finding cool fonts: It's really fun to take fonts apart and create something new. It's also fun to create tape in Photoshop. I know, how easily amused can you be, but it's TRUE. Making realistic looking tape is exciting. I tried this the other day for a project at work. My tape turned out awesomely real looking, if I do say so myself, so of course I really liked that experiment. Also, playing with found bits of imagery, like an old map you may see here if you look closely enough and torn bits of paper is great. I thought that I'd put all of these things together. I found a great font that has skulls biting and looking scary. I took one letter apart and adjusted it and made the skull heads bite each other, added tape, a bit of a map, some ripped paper and some really enlarged type for texture, here is the result. Fun and messy, nice. I like it.


C. Stover said...

Great dinos! The theme this month for Cub Scouts is 'Jurassic Pack'..hahaha. I do love dafonts for finding just the right font to use. And the tape was a good touch, what map doesn't have tape on it?! =)

Kara Boulden said...

Thanks! Wow, what a perfect picture for Jurassic Pack month! You are welcome to take this and use it if you want to somewhere in that. It's so cool that you use dafont too! I love it too, what a fantastic site.