Gnarled Tree 2

I had to go to "driver awareness" class last night to have some points recently acquired on my drivers license removed. As I was fairly angry that I had to be there I took my sketchbook along and sketched this tree instead of listening wth rapt attention. Sort of like hight school; I spent many hours in school doodling trees very much like this one (along with the requisite eyes, feet, and hand drawings all high school artists spend time drawing). The accident I had to work off: someone cut me off getting onto the freeway. I slammed on my brakes. They froze due to my car not having anti lock brakes. I lost control of the car and hit a concrete barrier. I was treated like a liar and a piece of criminal garbage by the HP officer so I am feeling bitter about this experience. But, now, it's time to take a deep breath and let it go and just enjoy that out of this experience I now have a lovely new gnarled tree drawing....nice. I would have spent even more time drawing this but my pen ran out of ink. Drat!

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