Statue of Liberty Illustration

This is another image I created to put in my shop on I think that one of the most simple, most idealized, pure statements of what America can be when we are at our best is best is summed up with the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, in part it reads: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses longing to be free." What an amazing statement we are sending out to the world -- a thought that says we are kind, we are good, we want to help. Things aren't always this simple, people are never all that they want to be but I think this is what 99% of us are when it comes down to it, good people, people who will help a neighbor in need anytime. This statement makes me want to be better, reminds me of the person I want to be.


Nathan said...

sweet jesus are you talented. maybe today was rough, but that painting along with that quote almost has me in tears. almost. :)

Kara Boulden said...

Wow Nate, thanks. What an awesome comment, that made me feel so good. I'm so glad you like this. I'll email you a jpg and you can do with it what you will. You are so great. Come visit us! :)