Adobe Photoshop line drawing of a girl with lots of inky spots and swirls

I seem to spend longer these days on pictures than I used to. In the past, the idea of working on something for more than one session was abhorrent. The idea of getting in the groove, and then stopping midstream and picking up again later was completely unfathomable to me. But, more and more, my drawings are completed in several shorter sessions over a period of several days. It turns out that this is really fun to do. It makes it so that I think about the drawing I'm currently on while I'm not working on it. When I am anticipating the next phase I feel like I'm reading a really great book. I just walk around feeling like I'm 9 and tomorrow is Christmas morning. It's really fun. And for an added bonus, I get to look at each picture with new ideas and fresh eyes, see what isn't working and implement all the ideas I came up with between drawing sessions.

Anyway, I added a ton to the background in this picture, swirls, indications of wings, splats, and the baseboard. I love the watercolor look of this picture, the dark areas, the look of the subject's face, the line and sway of her body, the movement of her hair, and how smeared bits melt into others. This one was really fun to draw.

If you click on the complete full body picture, you can see details better. It's a bit sad that I can't put up pictures any bigger, so many details are lost when they are small like this, grr. But, hey, it's free to be here on blogspot, so I won't whine any further and just say thanks instead.

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