Photoshop illustration of Chuong

A few weeks ago, month? I forget. I drew my sister, it's several posts back, lots of pink if you'd like to see it. Well, it turns out that her boyfriend really liked it and asked if I could draw him too. I said sure. So, my sis sent me a photo that he really likes and I drew this image. I really like it and it was really fun to create. A lot of why it was fun to draw is this: my sisters pic was really soft and completely pink - not a hint of any other dark color, and there were butterflies in her hair. How do I apply that to a man? Clearly a different approach was in order, but, it had to have the same sort of feel. In the end, I just went with different colors, rust, black, yellow. Used the same florishes, swirls, specks, etc. that I used in my sisters picture. I kept it a bit more grainy too, less blurring and smudging. I think it turned out pretty cool. And they both really like it, at least so they say, and I guess that's all that matters.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Yay!! We both LOVE it!! Thanks Kara!!! =)

Kara Boulden said...

You're welcome. I'm glad you like! It was fun to make.