Portrait of my beautiful sister

Ok. So, I wanted to draw my sister like I drew myself a week or so ago. Clearly, I didn't end up going that route (see 2 posts down for the pic of me). I hope she likes this, I went a bit nuts. I think I made her look a bit younger than she is, but then again, I don't think most of us mind looking younger than we are. Not that she's old or anything. Heaven forbid. If she's old, what does that make me as her older sister? Horribly ancient. Nice. I saw some really cool illustrations about midway through this portrait and it influenced this picture. The illos that I saw had lots and LOTS of messy bits around the subject's face and I thought it looked awesome so I added lots of messiness and lines and swirls and dots to this picture (and butterflies). I did keep with the pink theme though. I love the idea of messy pink. Mostly when illustrations (at least lots that I see) are messy there is a lot of stark color, lots of black involved. So, to me, trying to achieve this affect in pink was lots of fun. To my sister, thanks for letting me draw you. I hope you like your picture. You are an awesome sister and gorgeous to boot, sweet.


Anonymous said...

Kara!! Thank you! I love it soo much! I don't know if I've been drawn before and it is so fun!! I love you tons! Thanks Keek!! Ami

Kara Boulden said...

Aim, wow. I'm so glad I drew you then. Never been drawn before? I'm such a slacker. Sorry, this should have been done before! :) I'm really glad you like your picture! I love you too, Kara