Andrew Wyeth dies at 91

Andrew Wyeth, of the greatest American painters of all time, has died at the age of 91. As reported by The Boston Globe, he died in his sleep in his home in Chadds Ford, PA after a brief illness. In an article on their website, The Boston Globe has this to say about My. Wyeth: "Perhaps no American painter has ever had as strong a hold on the popular imagination as Mr. Wyeth did over the course of his seven-decade career. As the critic Brian O'Doherty once noted, "Wyeth communicates with his audience, numbered in millions, with an ease and fluency that amounts to a kind of genius." Go here to read more about Mr Wyeth.

He was an amazing painter, very inspirational to me. As I am an artist myself, not in his league by any means mind you, I can't seem to come up with proper words to describe his wonderful paintings. So instead, here are a few of his paintings, they can speak for him, better than I ever could. I used to think that R.I.P inscribed on headstones or whispered to those who have died was a bit lacking and morbid. Now, I think it sums everything up well. After all, peace is what we all hope for. So, to Mr. Wyeth, Rest In Peace. May the grass be green, the skies blue and the wind soft where ever you are.

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