Illustration of K'naan, and "Strugglin"

Friday nights on a local channel (in Utah, digital channel 9.2) there is a show on called Strictly Global that shows lots of random music videos. My husband and I really enjoy this show and watch it often. Some videos are amazing, others look a bit like they were shot using a home camcorder; but nearly all are enjoyable. There is one video that comes on regularly that I adore. It's by a musician named K'naan, the song is called "Strugglin." NPR interviewed K'naan the other day. In the interview he spoke of his music, being from Somalia, his life, etc. It was a great interview, click here to listen to it. Anyway, I decided that I best draw a picture of K'naan because it's what I do, and put up this video because it's awesome. I'm not sure how this picture ended up so soft looking, but I think I like it. It may have ended up like this because I was experimenting with starting a picture in Adobe Illustrator and finishing it using Adobe Photoshop. I reused the newspapers I used in my last picture for my self portrait because I really like how that turned out. I hope you enjoy both.

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