Telephone Wires

These are images that I've always found appealing, really simple and in their simplicity beautiful: Birds sitting on telephone wires. The sky when it's a solid pale color. A flock of resting birds suddenly taking flight. Telephone poles, wires strung across the sky. I combined all of these images into this picture. I love the stark feeling, the thin wires, the shape of the birds, abstract and literal mixed together. This feels a bit lonely, a bit cold, like January. January is simple in a lot of ways -- cold, stark colors, quiet, thoughtful, appealing in it's own way.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so peaceful and nice. I like it a lot. Ami

Kara Boulden said...

Thanks Ami, I really appreciate that! I love things that feel peaceful. How are things in CA? I hope they are going well. You're awesome.

Mark Winstanley said...

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