Self portrait using Adobe Photoshop and old newspapers

New year, new attempt at a self portrait. I wanted to try for a "less is more" approach. The nice thing about this approach is no blemishes or wrinkles end up in the final product, nice! Instead, all details, overlapping, patterned, messy, blemished parts are part of the background, at least in the case of this drawing. I do think that I ended up looking a bit sleepy in this, but I think it turned out fun anyway. I love the range of pink in this, how colors go from soft pastels to fuschias, really cool how they can live in the same world just fine. I love the dark pink spots, I think they add a neat depth to things and are pretty. I also like the pencil looking lines, especially around my neck.


Anonymous said...

What a great picture! Totally looks like you and totally pretty. Miss you. Mai

Kara Boulden said...

Thanks for your comment Mai, you're so awesome. I'm so glad you like my picture, maybe I'll do one of you. That'd be really fun. I miss you too.