4 years ago I really wanted a cat and my husband said that was fine by him (he's great). I went to the Humane Society to look for one and after wandering around holding numerous cats I spied a little calico cat I thought was really cute and went to his cage to pet him. As I did, another anxious, tiny, black cat did his best to escape from the cage he was sharing with the calico. This little black cat, named "Little Man" according to the paper taped to his cage had desperate eyes and only one thing on his mind, to get out of that cage. I played with the little calico for a minute but my heart went out to the desperate "Little Man," and got him out of his cage to hold. Little Man climbed all over my shoulder, he had such a great personality that I liked him right away. When I tried to put him back in his cage, he spread his arms as wide as he could in attempt to not fit back inside. My lunch hour was up and I went back to work but I couldn't get Little Man out of my head. His funny little face and desperation wouldn't leave me, I knew I needed him. So, after work, I drove back to the Humane Society and about a half an hour later, I was driving home with my sweet little cat. My husband quickly fell in love with Little Man too. We followed him around the house that first night trying out names, we felt Little Man was a nickname, not a Name name. My husband eventually tried out Pete, and that felt just right. Our sweet Pete has been our friend and family member for 4 years today and this picture is in honor of him. Thanks to Pete for being so determined the day I met him, for being such an awesome monster and friend.

This picture is of Pete enjoying one of his favorite things, trying to catch the moths and flies that occasionally find their way to the light in our living room.


C. Stover said...

Can I just tell you how much I love your style!!!! I've missed it!

Kara Boulden said...

Hey Cristina, thanks so much!