This is what I was in the mood to draw this morning. A really sketchy drawing, lots and lots of little thin lines, washes of textured color, mostly black. And the result- fun, fast movement. I like the line quality, it's delicate and without being wimpy. Thin lines that make powerful statements, I like the sound of that, makes me want to draw more like this one, many many more. Simplicity is such a breath of fresh air sometimes. Then again, maybe I'm just excited that it feels like Fall outside today, could be.

Portfolio Image.


C. Stover said...

Awesome lines and I like the texture on the color!

Kara Boulden said...


I am excited about this one because I found a way in Photoshop to make the color spots look more inky. Is that a word, I don't think so but that's ok. :) It was really fun to try that.

Michelle said...

Kara! This is so awesome! You really capture something here. Lovely.

Kara Boulden said...

Thanks Michelle! This was really fun to draw. One of those rare times when something just really flows together, you feel like a spectator of sorts in the process, if that makes sense.