Recently I saw some interesting illustrations of fashion models. I thought about these images over the last few days and came up with my own idea for a fashion type illustration. Here it is. Creating this was fun. I had an idea/image in my head for my illustration but getting it to the final product you see here took some time, some exploring and some trial and error. I like the dark gold of the background. At first I choose hot pink but felt that something more subtle would make the drawing more sophisticated and interesting, less trendy. Also, hot pink seemed to dominate the picture and as pink isn't the subject here, it had to go.


Michelle said...

What!? This is amazing! You have a talent for this type of art. you should get more into it. I like this a lot.

Kara Boulden said...

Geez, thanks Michelle!! What an awesome comment!

This one was fun because it was almost like putting a puzzle together. I had an idea in my mind and then just played with the pieces til it ended up the way it did. The end results were exciting for me because at the beginning of the project, I wasn't completely sure what was going to be the end product.