Pink and Blue

When I draw, I don't normally start with they eyes, I did that here. Traditionally, the way to draw something is to draw general shapes all over the drawing, make a generalized map if you will, and then work in details all over slowly, this way, things are laid out in a way that makes sense and everything ends up relating to everything else nicely. For example, if you start with the eyes and put in a lot of detail, you'll often be sorry when you discover that you have lovely eyes but they are in the wrong place. So, that in mind, I created this drawing wrong, but I was having such a lovely time drawing the eyes that I kept drawing them til the were finished. This made the rest of the drawing trickier, but I think that in the end I like what I have. I did have to start mostly over half way through, (I did save the eyes, nose and mouth) but the drawing finally worked out in the end. I really like all the white spaces and the soft way colors blend into each other. If you click on the image, you'll find a surprise (hint: give it a minute, you'll see it).

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