Animate this - CLICK PETE to make his eyes blink

I'm working on animating some images for work and am finally to a point where I really like where things are going. It's gotten me really excited so I wanted to animate something small to put up here. I decided to make Pete's eyes from a picture I posted a week or so ago blink. It's such fun to create something that actually moves, even though this is really such a small animation. You must CLICK on PETE to make his eyes blink. Long live the thrill of new creations and making things finally work, in this case, Pete blinking on a flat surface.

*I created this animation by taking my "Pete" drawing that I created in Adobe Photoshop and adding more layers. I created a layer for each phase of eye blink, more black on each layer, until I could see Pete blink by turning on and off several layers. I saved my document (as a psd) and then opened it in Adobe ImageReady. I made enough cells to match the number of Photoshop layers I had. For the first cell I turned on the main Pete picture, full eyes open. For the next cell I left the main layer on and turned on the next layer as well, that layer showed black for his eyes to be closing just a little. For the next cell I left the main layer on, layer 2 and turned on the third layer which showed more black so his eyes would look just a little more closed. I continued this way until i had the full blink laid out in separate cells. Then I hit the "play" button. I then adjusted the time for each cell (you can adjust this by clicking under a cell and selecting a different time to have that cell run) and saved the whole thing as an "optimized gif." Nice!

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