Back again to the land of "Meerkat Manor." A couple of posts ago I put up a picture of the Kalahari Desert which I drew after being inspired from the amazing landscapes depicted in the tv show "Meerkat Manor." After I put that picture up I suddenly wanted to draw an actual meerkat. This drawing was rare for me, in that it took several drawing sessions to finish. Normally, I like to finish drawings in one sitting. What is there to say about this picture? The meerkat is cute I think, but they are so cute in real life that that's not surprising. One thing that was interesting about creating this drawing was putting in several meerkats. I seem to stick to one subject per drawing in most cases, so that was sort of fun.

Just a fun FYI: the big meerkat depicted here is a temporary babysitter. I've learned from watching "Meerkat Manor" that one or more older meerkats volunteer (or sometimes, are volunteered) to stay behind and watch the little ones at one of many burrows while the rest of the family forages for food. The sense of family among meerkats is really amazing to watch.


Anonymous said...

Mozart? Or maybe Tosca? Or...?

Kara Boulden said...

No, it's Yousarrian. Eek!

Just kidding, for the sake of all the Whisker babies, I'm deciding that it's Mozart depicted here. :)