Really big

About a week or so ago I put up some pictures of baby birds in a nest attached to the building where I work. Checking up on them from time to time has become a fun past time. The baby birds are so big now that they almost don't fit in the nest anymore, it looks like any second now the nest will explode and they'll all have to fly or fall. For an added bonus, it's also scary out there because it only takes about 2.5 seconds before the little bird's parents start swooping at me, aiming for my head. I got to work a few minutes early today so thought I'd see if I could get an updated picture of the birds to put here. I also took a picture of the area just around the building, mostly because the nest picture is so boring in color. See the wall at the right side of the picture of trees and railing? Just around that corner is where the nest is, that is about as close as I can get to it.

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