Bitch: Bulldog, Angelina Jolie & Adobe Photoshop

I received a whole bunch of images that were really cool (thanks Ami); really cool because they were various animals combined in interesting ways using Adobe Photoshop. There were animals such as, a kitten parrot, monkey dog, rooster cat, and more. Could I possibly receive such pictures and NOT try one myself? No. I could not. I thought I'd put a different spin on things though and combine a person and animal. My choices? The very pretty Angelina Jolie and a bulldog, why? I think she seems like a bit of a bulldog, plus her huge lips match the rolling shapes that make up a bulldog's body. Nice. I think it turned out fun, I like the soft pinks and Angelina's face on such a funny little body. I also think this is titled perfectly, I know, I'm so punny, (or something).


C. Stover said...

Wow, lol! That's quite the dog. Not sure that I would have come up with that combo, but you sure made it work! The bow is quite the touch.

Kara Boulden said...

Hey, thanks!!

You know, I'm not sure how I came up with that combo myself. I've thought about that since, and can't quite figure it out. Strange ramblings of my mind I suppose. Funny! :) I'm really glad you like! Wonder what Angelina would think. hahaha! :)