Rainy Day Windshield

I just spent about 2.5 hours on a project at work. This is the response I got on what I had done up to that point:

1. The light is confusing.
2. What's on her face?
3. "Hummmmmm."
4. Try again but ....

I am very sad. I LIKED what I had come up with. C'est la vie. I feel guilty when I get paid and the company can't even use what I came up with while I was BEING paid. Grrr. So, I threw everything I had done away except for part of one piece that I liked. Then as I needed to clear my head for a minute, I messed with the one part I saved, added splotches and dragonflies and I call it "Rainy Day Windshield." This title feels a bit mean. I don't intend to inflict damage on dragonflies today or any day, this is just what this picture reminded me of when I was done. Enjoy.

Note: yes, I realize that when I worked on this picture I was indeed at work and therefore only adding to the --not being useful while getting paid -- thought I wrote earlier. Yes that makes me feel guilty and makes me a hypocrite. I know this, but I can only say, I try to be useful and do the right things. I try to make sense but really, I'm 36 years old and have yet to make sense even to myself. If any of you out there do make sense, and/or aren't hypocrites, I'd love to hear your story and kudos to you.


C. Stover said...

Hey, you made the best of it (and it has a very squished bug feel to it)...but I have to say I was lol at the whole hypocrite contradiction issue...thinking way too hard! Sense?!?! If you think about anything too much, nothing makes sense!

Kara Boulden said...

How true, well put!