Nicole Richie Line Drawing

Nicole Richie has a great look. She is a very small looking woman with gigantic eyes. As an artist, I can't help but want to draw her; she's just so interesting looking. So, I finally did, and boy was it fun. I thought her look would look interesting in my newest style of drawing, the lots of lines style.

The trick here is that most of the other drawings I've done in this style have a subject that is fairly wrinkly, Nicole isn't wrinkly. So, it was a matter of deciding which of her features really make her, well, her. Of course, I decided the thing to highlight, the feature that makes Nicole her are her eyes. So, I decided to really focus on lots of lines there, but not too many because too many would age her. Leave most of the rest of her face line free, smooth and plain. Then, go back into the rest of her, her hair and outfit, with lots of additional lines. That way, I could be true to the drawing style but keep Nicole young and fresh looking at the same time. I created the pattern here in Adobe Illustrator and imported it into my drawing in Adobe Photoshop. I think the mix is fun. I like how the colors of the pattern work with the colors of her skin and hair.

Nicole is someone that is often seen everywhere-- tv, internet, magazines; yet; she doesn't seem to suddenly sing and dance in the spotlight. She's often seen in huge sunglasses or with her head down and a small smile. That's why I chose to draw her to the far right of the drawing, hugging the wall, so to speak. The cool thing about this is that I figured out how to use many lines and messy elements to draw someone who is fairly smooth in appearance. Nice!


C. Stover said...

Nice job and I like the run down on what & why you did what you did. I appreciate it all the more for the subtle things you don't always pick up!

Kara Boulden said...

Nice,thanks! I appreciate your thoughts on this, I hoped I wasn't being long winded.

Michelle Christensen said...

I really like this one Kara.You captured a good likeness.. as you do with all of the other celebrity drawings you've done. I reeally liked the Alfred Hitchcock one. Spot on. Hope you are are doing well :)

Kara Boulden said...

Hey, thanks! You know, it's funny. I made a point, as I created this one, to not put too many lines on Nicole, but then when I looked back at my other pics in this style, I realize that I put more on her than any of the others. Weird how these things happen. I really appreciate your thoughts on my Hitchcock one too! He's a rad person to draw, with his big belly and round cheeks and all that!

As for me, I'm doing fine, tired but hanging in there. Thanks for asking! I hope you're doing well too, in your SENIOR year! Wahoo! How exciting! :)