AIG: Bailouts, Spa Treatments and More, OH MY.

This is dedicated to all the honest, good, forthcoming, upfront, clever decision making people at AIG. Recently they got millions of dollars from the US government (I.E. us the taxpayer) to bail them out of the financial mess they'd gotten themselves into. What did they do after that? They went on a spa retreat that cost thousands of dollars. They had more planned, but then they got caught. What's happening now? THEY WANT MORE. And they're GETTING more. No wonder the man in this pic is smiling. Money sure does give you wings, or is that gold plated parachutes? Damn, if I'd only known, I'd have made monumentally bad decisions, gotten bailed out and gone to the spa too, sounds spectacular.

As for the method used to create this picture, it's a BLAST. I start with tiny thin lines and then create bigger and bigger lines until I have all sorts of different lines going all over the place. Add lots of washes of color, erase parts, add more, collage things on top, play with text, and poof! It's done. I plan on creating more and more in this style. It's really really fun.


C. Stover said...

Make ya pretty sick eh? But it's a great picture of the creeps! As for the process, sounds complicated to me and I can guarantee that I couldn't get the same results!

Kara Boulden said...

Hey, thanks!
Yeah, it does make me sick. And "creeps" is right. Nasty rotten bunch, grrr!