Rachel Weisz - click her to see details

Of the people I think is amazingly pretty is the actress Rachel Weisz; so, I thought I'd draw her. I don't know if this looks like her in the end but I had a grand time drawing this. It took longer than normal to finish this but was it a joy to draw. It was one of those drawings that you fall in love with as you draw it. I just kept thinking, oh, this is so pretty. Sometimes I begin to feel like I'm just a spectator when I'm drawing something, this was the case at times here. I like the way her eyes shine. I like the subtle colors mixed with flashes of green and pink. I like the sweeping feeling of the black cape. I love drawing when I really like the picture, when it goes well, smoothly. It's so exhilarating when that's the case.

Portfolio Image.


C. Stover said...

Very dramatic...I have always liked green eyes...I was hoping T got her dad's, but her brown eyes are beautiful. =)

Kara Boulden said...

Thanks! In all honesty, I don't think Rachel has eyes that are this green. At least they don't look like they are in the pics I looked at but I thought they would be fun, really stand out if I enhanced them. :)

As far as T, she's SUCH a cutie pie. I really think her brown eyes fit her. I didn't realize that her dad had green eyes. Cool! Clearly I don't see you guys enough~! :)