Line Drawing of a Nature Walk

This was drawn for a friend of her boys and father-in-law walking in the woods. She took the picture this is based on and I really loved it, so, as is par the course for me, I wanted to draw it. That's funny when I think about it, any picture I really like I want to draw it. I thought this style, lines and washes of color was fitting to the scene. Nature makes me feel alive and reminds me of all that is good about being alive; so, a labored process just didn't seem the way to approach drawing this sort of an image.

Cristina, you're awesome! Thanks for letting me draw your picture.


Mizzi said...

Hi Kara, how are you?
... well, good walking!
Kisses from Rome,

Kara Boulden said...

Hey Cosimo, thanks for your comment! Things are going well here. It's fall and the leaves are changing colors, the weather is cooler and it's so pleasant. Great weather for going on walks such as in this picture! :) I hope Italy is treating you well, Kara