Pulp Pink

Another attempt to create something that feels "noir." I started this picture yesterday and was so excited to work on it again today. This is really different from traditional noir/pulp book covers, it's much more grainy and much more, messy I guess is the word. I love to create drawings with lots of drips and bursts and blurred places for projects at work and I think that made it's way into this picture. The best thing about this drawing is that for a long time I've wanted to draw something like I see on covers of old pulp novels. I don't draw or paint like these guys did/do; I think that's why I haven't attempted this before but it was really fun to do and I'm glad I finally gave it a go. I hope that if John D. MacDonald were alive, he'd not mind that I followed his lead in thinking up a title for my pretend book cover.

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