Blue Noir

I have been doing some research for a 2nd attempt at the drawing I talked about in my last post. In doing so, I found an image that I liked and got an idea from it for this drawing.

There are tons of old noir/men's adventure paperback novels published from say 1960-1985 floating around my house and the cover art is really amazing. Robert McGinnis painted the artwork that graces many of these covers and he is definitely my favorite (CLICK HERE to see some of his artwork). He continues to create artwork in this style for a line of novels being published today through HARD CASE CRIME book publishers. The picture here in no way equals this great artwork but for some reason it reminds me just a little of some of the wonderful artwork on the covers of these novels. If I somehow end up being able to paint half as well as McGinnis, I'll be a happy artist indeed.

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