New one

Recently it came to my attention that a set of images depicting Vespa scooters I put up here 7-8 months ago was of interest to someone in Italy. While the original pieces posted here are not available for use as they are owned by the Vespa Corporation, I felt that it would be fun to create something new that I would own and could allow people to use, (if they ask me nicely). This is what I came up with. I added a few new elements, such as color on the person riding the scooter, some shadows, and a few other things. I do this because the person interested in the original imagery was so kind and took the images down (they were on his blog) right after I asked, see what happens when we are all nice to each other? I love it. If you are interested in seeing this new image on the blog it was created for go CLICK HERE.


Mizzi said...

... Kara, thank you very much!!
Yours sincerely,

Kara Boulden said...

Hey, no problem, I hope you enjoy the picture!
You have my permission to use it on your blog if
you'd like to.
Hope all is well in Italy,

Mizzi said...

... very good!!
Baci da Roma!!