Can't Escape That One Thing

This picture is very similar to the last one I posted here in a lot of ways, I even reused some of the imagery. The complex textures, colors, and placement of things in that picture really appealed to the sort of mood I currently find myself in, artistically at least. This picture didn't start out the way it ended up at all. It started as a simple picture of a man in a suit scrunched up in a small space. In the end, I think of it as more of a landscape of sorts. I love the tree roots growing out of the man's calfs, the tree growing on his ankles, the lost and found quality of his face. As I studied this picture after I finished it, I started to think that I was saying something awful about working in an office, about how it kills us slowly, and then, as happens literally when we die, we become part of the earth again. But, as I looked at this longer, I really feel that it doesn't say that at all. I think it says something bigger, something about being a part of our surroundings, our planet, nature; about how no matter where we find ourselves, nature is constant, it just won't be pushed aside. If work, traffic, bills, crowds, etc. drive us to the brink of insanity, nature, the beautiful planet we live on, won't let us go, gives us an outlet for peace. Nature always calls to us, just won't let us escape it no matter where we find ourselves. It's always around, waiting for us, keeping us sane, grounded, even when we're inside far more that we'd like to be if be.

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