Pink Once More

When I drew a self portrait a week or so ago I thought it'd be a long time before I embarked on that project again but I just knew I could do a better job. I had the idea today to draw myself in the style I used for my last post, pink, black, and a lot of white. I had the best time drawing that last picture. I think it'd be a fun idea to draw a whole series in this style, lots of smearing next to sharp parts, lots of white and parts of really dark black and pink. Things tend to get better the more you do them and I think that would be the case here. I do think this drawing is a bit better executed than my last one, I think it goes just a bit further, more dark spots, more blurring, more layers, more contrast. But, no matter if this was a total success or not, I got to draw in pink, and that's always a great thing.

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