Artist: Anselm Kiefer

In January and February 2011, I was in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband. He was there for work. I did some work from the hotel and when I wasn't doing that, I explored Fort worth by foot. One day I found the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art and discovered a new favorite painter, Anselm Kiefer. I sat in front of the attached painting, titled "Die Aschenblume," for a good half an hour. It was was more than a feast for the eyes, it just oozed deeper and deeper into my mind, exciting the far reaches of my brain. I've looked several times online for a copy of this painting, just to see it again, and finally found this one today. It doesn't do the real painting justice in anyway at all (it's 149 5/8 x 299 1/4 inches for starters) but all the same, it has me excited all over again. I just found out that we will get to go back to Fort Worth later this year. I can't wait to revisit this extraordinary painting.

CLICK THIS and THIS to read more about this very talented painter.

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