E! channel t-shirt logos

A couple of years ago I worked on a project for E!, specifically their show "The Soup." The project was to come up with fun teeshirt logos and today, I discovered that you can purchase several of my designs on their website. CLICK THIS TO SEE/BUY THESE SHIRTS. Some of my designs are even on TOTE BAGS. How completely cool is that?!? I MUST put my order in soon.


Noelle said...

That's really cool Kara! I wish I could've went to the last BG before you left but I hope you guys are doing well!

Kara Boulden said...

thank you! Yes, it would have been spectacular to see you at BG. C'est la vie, I suppose. We are fine, though we miss CC so much. I hope you and your crew are doing well too!