Emily saves the world

This is my cousin Emily. I saw a picture that I loved of her on her facebook page. (Note: if anyone doesn't want me to draw them, let me know!) That is the first part of this picture. Here's the second. My husband and I love watching nature programs on PBS, shows about animals, birds, habitats, etc. But lately, they all make us sad because it seems as if every time we watch one of these programs, there is another animal that is on the verge of becoming extinct, another part of the world that is about to be ruined forever. I decided that I'd combine these two things, my cousin and poor Earth in this picture. Emily, you're the heroine of this drawing; really, if it came down to it, I think the Earth would be safe in your hands.

This picture took an extraordinary amount of time to complete. I don't know why but it did. In the end I really like it, esp. the upper left side. That space looks like a mix between a disco and a shirt made out of glitter, fun.

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