The Veronicas

I saw an old man walking across a parking lot and it inspired this picture. How? Good question. It's interesting the turns our minds take when left to their own devices.

This is a picture of one half of the musical duo The Veronicas. I adore their song "Untouched" and have often wanted to draw one of the two sisters who make up the group. I like the video that goes with this song because of all the dark colors and shadows, I think it's really rich and vibrant and the artist in me totally approves.


C. Stover said...

Oooh, I like the feel of it.

I did not realize you were moving!?! (wow- I should have pushed for Nashville more) Sounds like a good thing - congrats to Ben on the assistantship! Email me and let me know where you end up. We're not coming out this summer, but we do go a little south when we do come...=) Good Luck!

- said...

Hey, thanks!

Yeah. We're going for it. :)

It'd be great to see you guys when you're visiting southern Utah! Really cool! I'll email you with my info there. Don't have a phone yet but I'll let you know when I have a number. And thanks for the good luck wishes, we can all use some of that, esp. during scary moves. :)