Lance Henriksen Illustration Revisited

I received an email from Mark Hayden who runs a website called "BacktoFrankBlack.com" dedicated to the 1996 - 1999 Fox tv series Millennium. Mark asked if they could use an illustration I drew a year or so ago of Lance Henriksen who plays Frank Black, the main character in the series, on their website. I said sure and that I thought that was a fun idea. CLICK THIS to see it in all it's glory on their website. Mark, thanks for your interest in my illustration. To the creators of the show, Chris Carter especially, great work, thanks for many hours of fun. To the stars of the show, Lance Henriksen, Terry O'Quinn, Megan Gallagher (loved you in Nowhere Man), Bill Smithrovich (what a shame your character was killed off so soon) and all the rest -- you all did an outstanding job. What a fun series Millennium is; if you have the opportunity, it's well worth checking out.


Randal Graves said...

Caught your illustration of Lance at the Back to Frank Black blog and it's truly excellent, as is the rest of your art here!

Kara Boulden said...

Hey Randal, thanks for the awesome comments regarding my illustration of Lance and my artwork here! I'm glad you like them. Drawing Lance was esp. fun, he's got an excellent face and it was fun adding skulls to the background of this illo.