Photoshop painting of a bike

I found an image of a bycicle a few months ago looking through magazines for work. I forget what I was supposed to be looking for (I'm SURE I found it, I'm seriously NOT a slacker at work tasks, I promise), but what I DID find was something that I personally had to have- this tiny painting of a bike. The picture looks like a very inky simple watercolor or purple ink drawing with lots of wet looking spots. It was only about 1 inch by 1 inch so I thought it'd be ok to cut out and keep for future inspiration. I've kept this tiny picture in my desk drawer and find it from time to time and think "gee, that's really neat. I should try drawing something like that." And so, finally, I did. It was really fun making all the really watery looking parts. I think this turned out fun. I THINK I might like it better with a few less details but still, it was a fun exercise and one that I may just try again. Messy inky spots are nice to draw.

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