Line drawing of a friend

I have a friend doesn't like to have his picture taken. So, when I looked through some photos the other day and found one of him, it was a rare treat. I think he has a really neat looking face and I've always wanted to draw him. He is an artist, lives by his own rules, works when he wants to, refuses to buy a house or a car - doesn't want the payments. He rides his bike everywhere, when he isn't riding the bus that is. He is determined to do his part to keep the world a bit cleaner, less polluted. He recycles much of the garbage we accumulate at work. He is 54 and gay and by his own words, a true one of a kind in that respect. He says that men who are gay and still alive at his age are a rare thing. He is rare, in many ways. He is good and loyal and kind, a good friend. I don't know if he'd like my picture. I don't know if I'll show him -- he thinks he looks funny, I think he looks neat.

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