And Pete the cat said, you're 30? I don't believe it!

It's my sister's 30th birthday today. She's been thinking about turning 30 for a long time now, worrying that she'd be old then, etc. I was the same way when I turned 30, as were many people I'm sure. This is my thought on the subject, she'll only be more awesome today than she was yesterday. Ami, you're the best sister a girl could have, I hope your birthday is amazing and that you have the best year yet. Love, K


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! What a nice present!! You are seriously the best most awesome sister in the whole world!!! love, Mai

C. Stover said...

Happi Birthday! I have to say, I think many people spend the later half of their twenties in such dread of the 'big 3-oh' that when they finally get there is is not as different as you thought it would be and therefore a relief! Enjoy being free of the wondering!

C. Stover said...

Oh, and I like both pictures! Pete the cat and the Loonies in the photo booth! =) What a fun sister pic!

Kara Boulden said...

Hey you two!

Ami, (or is that Mai?!? Since I've been asked, Mai is actually a nickname, it resulted from me misspelling her name in an email a long time ago and it stuck) I'm so glad you like your post. No words or pictures could say how awesome you are. But, I gave it a try. Happy Birthday! :)

Cris, what a great comment! I love your perspective! It's crazy we all worry so much, but we do and you're right. When it happens it's really not that big of a deal. In fact, I ended up liking 30, it suddenly felt like I was REALLY an adult, and I felt capable somehow, it felt empowering. (Now if only I can remember to not freak out at 40. Hahaha!)

AND I'm glad you like our photo booth pic. That's always been one of my favs. I find it from time to time on my computer and always have a laugh. :)

Mizzi said...

... Happy birthday to your sister Mai from Italy.

Kara Boulden said...

Thanks Cosimo, she'll feel so awesome that she's received birthday wishes from as far away as Italy! :)