In Process

This is a drawing that is about 2/3rds the way finished, I think anyway. I thought it might be fun to show something unfinished and then later the final product. This picture is friend of mine, who hopefully doesn't mind this. I really like how this looks so far. I really enjoy how there are lots of details in some places mixed with big splotches of color in others. And once again, it's largly pink and that is always awesome in my book. I may make the outfit smooth black, that might be fun. I'll add more detail to certain areas, such as the hands; but, I don't want to put in so many details that focus is moved away from the face. And who knows, maybe next time I get back to this, I may decide it's perfect the way it is. We'll have to see.

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C. Stover said...

Hmmm..interesting idea...I do like how the face is the focal point and the rest is just suggested...we'll see where you go from here!