Pink, White and Why

Why is this tree pink? Why are the leaves white? Why? What a lovely question to ask. Just in general of everything. Why is the sky blue, (ok, we know this but still.) Why is that car mustard yellow? Why does that person confuse me? Why do I think one thing; why do you think that other thing? What's bologna made of, is it really pig lips? And what about glue, and jello? Oh. Don't even want to go there. Why aren't sandwiches and healthcare free? Why can't we learn to speak cat? Why care how elephants communicate (just found this out, they communicate ultrasonically.) Why read? Endless, and on, and on. In answer to this picture and the eternal "why," why NOT.


C. Stover said...

Ultrasonically - you don't say...? And I agree - why not!?!

Kara Boulden said...

Hey Cris!
Yeah, just as I was writing that post I heard on NPR that that's how Elephants communicate; so, I had to include that. :) Elephants are so so so cool!