A week or so I was looking for used books with my husband, (something we have been doing with vigor the last few months) when I ran across a book by Robert McCammon called "The Queen of Bedlam." The title on the front cover looked to be made from spilled molten gold. I loved the look of it and thought that I knew how to create something like that. I thought a butterfly that looked like it was made of molten gold would look awesome, so, I gave creating one a try, these are my attempts. The first one, well, I like it but it clearly missed the mark (molten gold wise at least). Over the last couple of days I've mulled over how to create this image the way I want it to look and finally came up with an idea that I thought could be the answer. This morning I gave this project a 2nd attempt with my new ideas in mind and it worked! I am so excited! A molten gold butterfly. If you look closely, you can see a butterfly pattern I created as well for the background. I think it looks neat how this pattern shows through the blue of the main butterfly wings.

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