Attacked by swallows

This isn't the normal sort of thing you'll find here but, I saw something really cool today. Sometimes, I find it necessary to take a quick walk around the building at work to clear my head. This afternoon I stopped in a corner by my building to look at the Jordan River for a minute. Only a couple of minutes passed when two swallows started dive bombing my head, really, it was scary. They swooped over and over about 6 inches from my head. It was pretty unnerving so I backed away inches at a time and slowly they stopped coming so close. It was about then that I spied the source of the trouble, a bird nest on the wall next to me with about 6 baby birds looking over the edge. I ran up stairs, got our camera, a co-worker who was interested, and took these pictures. I nearly lost my eyes due to bird attack so enjoy them. The nest is especially interesting as I've not seen too many nests built out of mud. CLICK ON THE IMAGES to see detail.

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Angie said...

What a neat find. Birds are such amazing little creatures.