Walking in the Desert

I don't think that many people dream of escaping to the desert, (I could be wrong), but it's something I'd like to do right now. Having spent the majority of my life in Utah, I've come to love the quiet grandeur of the deserts in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. My husband and I often find ourselves escaping the crowded hectic city where we live to desert areas close to us, areas like the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island, Stansbury Island, Horse Shoe Springs, unnamed places. They are quiet and beautiful. I made the mistake of walking around the building where I work just now. It's an amazingly hot beautiful summer day and I found myself dreaming of where I'd like to go, this picture is the result. Maybe it doesn't look like much to those of you out there who've not discovered the beauty of empty desert places, but to me, this is landscape looks like heaven.

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