The View From Here

This is a picture of an imaginary spot that looks like it'd be a wonderful place to be; pretty surroundings, pleasant looking weather, nice sitting spot, lake, quiet. I think I'll go look for somewhere like this and go for a swim right now.


Anonymous said...

The view is beatiful. I imagine there would be a mountain blue bird chirping in the distance, a cool, refreshing breeze rustling through the trees, a golden eagle foiling high into the vibrant sky, and maybe a doe and her fawn making their way down towards the creek.


Kara Boulden said...

Wow, thanks Ben. I love your descriptions of this place. You made it sound so beautiful and inviting there. Now I want to go there more than ever. Maybe we can go searching for this view sometime soon. After we find it, we can sit still and wait until the deer, eagle, and blue bird come. We'll lay back on the soft grass, feel the cool breeze, and be completely peace. Sounds wonderful.