Pete Black Jack Ketchum

At home, we live with a monster, really he's just a cat but he SEEMS like a monster sometimes. He plays war games with my husband like he's not 11 pounds but at least 200 (he's also a sucker for lap sitting, so we aren't completely fooled). He's tough and has the attitude we all should, the attitude that he's completely awesome. He's probably so tough because he's named after an outlaw who lived some 150 years ago. Sometimes he sits and stares at me and because he is black all I can see are his eyes; they shine greenly at me. I love the symmetry of his little body when he's just a shadow silhouette. Here is my version of Pete being a tough staring cat.


Anonymous said...

Spectacular! The little devil.

Kara Boulden said...


Yes, a little devil indeed, and a lucky one at that, spends his time napping, playing, and getting brushed, nice! :)