Creativity and Leaves

I heard an interesting discussion on NPR the other day. There was a woman on who is a cartoonist, has been for a long long time it sounded like. The discussion was about whether or not you could be creative on the computer. They seemed to lean towards the answer being no. That the computer has in fact squashed creativity, be that in writing, drawing, and you name it. Do you agree? I don't. I think the computer has opened up another avenue for creativity. I don't think it takes away from drawing with a pencil or writing on a pad of paper. I wondered as I listened if the woman on the NPR program just didn't find that her personal way of creating comics to be compatable with computer creation or is it that she is uncomfortable with creating on the computer. Personally, I love drawing on the computer. I love writing on the computer. I have a bachelors degree in art and currently work for a graphic design firm. These two worlds, fine art and graphic design, have melded just fine. About 8-9 years ago I learned to draw on the computer and have loved it ever since. Drawing with a pencil or brush is fine but really, why would I throw out the new or the old when they both have their place? I really feel like not only do computers not diminish creativity, I think they make more creative possibilities open up. What do you think?

As for the picture here, it was created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and this is why I drew it:

I stood by a beautiful tree this morning before I walked into work, just to feel its bark, to feel the peace that comes from holding onto or being by trees. It worked again as it always does, a sense of peace and belonging flowed over me as I held onto that beautiful tree. I looked up into the spring green leaves and at the big blue sky and felt renewed and wonderfully peaceful. This picture in no was captures the amazingly beauty of looking up into the leaves of a tree but it's a try and I do enjoy the simple spring colors. It will also remind me to hold onto trees and look up into their beautiful leaves much more often.

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