This past weekend my husband and I did a lot of exploring in and around the Wasatch Mountains and Antelope Island. One of the most amazing things we saw was a pair of ravens flying. The two were clearly flying together, every move one did, the other mirrored. It was really amazing, and really beautiful. At times they flew so close that we could hear the wind rush through their wings. There was a third raven trying to fly with them, for the most part it just followed along at a distance. Then, just when we were about to leave the third bird began to fly in the most amazing sequence of dives. It would suddenly bring its wings in tight and appear to fall from the sky. It would plummet for quite a distance and then just as suddenly open it's wings and soar up again. From time to time as it dove it would flip from side to side so that it looked completely flat. This bird displayed flying techniques that I've never witnessed before. It was a completely thrilling spectacle to watch and one I'll not soon forget.

This is dedicated to B, thanks for exploring with me.

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