AFL 2007 Highlights

Several years ago I saw an Australian Rules Football game on cable and thought it was the most exciting sport I'd ever seen played. Shortly thereafter, we got rid of cable because frankly it's expensive. Since seeing that first AFL game, I've thought about it from time to time and wished that I could see more. Then, about a month ago, something wonderful happened. We bought a digital tv converter box and a whole new world of tv viewing pleasure emerged. Suddenly not only did we have 10 or so extra channels to watch, but we also got unbelievable clarity in picture. And saving the best for last, we discovered that the beautiful channel UEN (Utah Educational Network) shows a weekly AFL game. Bliss! So now, rather than dreading Mondays, my husband and and I joyfully look forward to them as FOOTY will be on that night. If you've never seen AFL before, you missing out on an amazing sport. These guys, AFL players, make the NFL and NBA players look like sissies. Watching the NBA finals the last few weeks has been fun but boy do those guys whine at the slightest bump they get in playing the game. Several times during any game, and I'm being generous here, players lie down on the court and roll about because they got hit or bumped by another player. You'd think they were about out of the game they were so hurt. And the NFL? boy, those guys are covered from head to foot in padding but they mostly stand around and don't do anything. But not AFL players, these guys are amazing. They don't wear any padding. They fall hard constantly, they tackle each other, hit each other with flying body slams, grab, kick, smack, dive, run and grab, and everything else, literally, to move that ball and score a goal. And hardly ever do they seem to get hurt. You'll see blood from time to time but not a peep from the players is heard. Notice in the video here at 2:28, you'll see a guy run and leap on another players back to give himself the height he needs to snag the ball out of the air. It's skill beyond skill in this game. It's a marvel of ability and grace and power and passion that is unbelievable to watch, it's so thrilling and beautiful I can hardly stand to watch it gets me so exited. Thanks to UEN for broadcasting this amazing sport and thanks to all the men of FOOTY, your skill is more amazing than I could ever hope to describe here. Long live FOOTY.


Anonymous said...

Footy rocks; see the game last night? Saints v. Magpies? Sweet!

Kara Boulden said...

Thanks for your comment. As far as the Saints v. Magpie game, yes I did watch it, what an awesome game! Hot Pies! (I just had to say that 'cause it's such a great nickname.) Of course on that note, I was sort of rooting for the Saints since last I looked at their stats they were down a game v. the Magpies and I'm a sucker for the underdog. So, I guess I should be a bit sad that they lost but honestly I'm just not too upset, I'm still too excited that I get to watch AFL at all for that. :) Long live footy!