Abstract 3

Initially when I started this series of abstract pictures (see past two blog posts if this makes no sense) I really enjoyed it, then quickly became bored. It felt too much like copying; nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing to be discovered. I considered abandoning the project, then, thought of a new way to go about it and was enthused enough to create at least one more picture for this series. My approach this time was to start with a whole new piece of paper then only reference the section of abstraction I had decided upon as little as possible. This really made the whole process so much more interesting. Rather than feeling ho hum, just recreating something that was already done, I was really drawing something new. I began to see this drawing as a landscape as it progressed; so, I added some clouds that I saw a week or so ago driving home from work. They were an unbroken line and looked so white against what was otherwise a very dark stormy cold feeling sky. I enjoy them being in this picture, they make the scene look more refreshing.

I accidentally saved this drawing in the wrong color format initially but I liked it so I'm including it here.

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