I've been wanting to try drawing a picture filled with tons of little bits of color, that could be really cool. Clearly, this didn't end up happening here. So, I'll have to try again soon. I think maybe I need to use a different subject for this idea. Maybe a person or street or something with more color involved. I really like how this picture turned out though. I love the huge expanse of yellow. Most of my landscapes have had more of a traditional color scheme, beige sand, or green grass, etc. So I find it fun to see so much yellow for a change, it feels nice. I also like the way the mountains have a lot of detail if you get up close, makes them look really intriguing.

I wanted to see what it'd look like with even more yellow:

Portfolio Image.

Side note- I just learned that tonight at 11:48PM it will officially be spring. How exciting! I didn't think it was going to be officially spring until Friday.

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